I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father. (John 14:12, NLT)

I was reading this the last week of the year and with that it brought a new challenge for me and I am forwarding it to you.  Greater things than Jesus, the greatest man who had ever lived? What does that mean to us? How are we supposed to do greater things than Jesus?

Does it mean we are able to do more powerful miracles than Jesus? Have a bigger impact than Him? I don t think so. After all, I don’t know many people who have walked on water, multiplied fish and loaves to feed thousands, gave salvation to the world.

But what Jesus did do was release a greater power for us to extraordinary things on an extraordinary scale—the kinds of things that the early church saw and experienced firsthand. He still wants to do that through us today. Jesus never did or ever will call us to be greater than Him. He is calling us to be greater with Him through the Spirit that has been imparted to us.

Friends if we are guilty of anything we have underestimated His power and provision, and have lived life unsatisfied and discontent with the kind of Christ followers we are becoming. It’s not that we have become bad people but that we are wasting the potential that has been deposited in us! We are stuck in the starting blocks, or we are stuck dragging along with the pack of mediocrity. This is has the potential of being the most miserable place to live in.

There is a price to choosing to live in this place—our heart will shrivel up, our vision will be impaired, our hearing will become dull, and the simple freshness of life that puts a bounce in our step has become a limp to us.

Friend, 2013 is our time to believe that this impartation is real and we must choose to step into something greater than we ever imagined. I don’t know about but you but I am not satisfied with what I have settled for, and I am ready for God’s greater plan for my life to begin in full force.

Greater than the labels we were given when we were young.

Greater than the dreams we dreamed for ourselves.

Greater than the cynicism that settles in us as we get older.

Greater than even the greatest moments you have had this far.

The word greaterwill give you the confidence to know that nothing is impossible with God, the clarity to see the next step He is calling you to, and the courage to do anything HE tells us to do.

It’s in our hands. It’s Your Time!


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