This is what King David did. He put his hope in the Lord in the midst of his lowest moments. Notice I said moments. He was not facing a downtime once but he had many other challenges but did not choose to make his home there! The spirit of heaviness attempted to choke out his hope, peace, strength and even his dreams… But David said in Psalms 43:5 “Why are you cast down O my soul? Hope in God.”

He was asking himself bro what is wrong with you? Why are you discouraged? Why have you lost your joy? God is still in charge. He is still able and capable. HE can put your hope back in the Lord! We faced this opportunity recently and we choose to hold onto the promises of his word. They have become medicine to our soul and our hope is stronger than ever but we faced that moment of confusion, uncertainty, and fear.

Heaviness is real and when it tries to come up on you, do the same thing—look in the mirror if you have to “Listen here this is what we are dealing with… However we are not alone. God will go before us make crooked ways straight. I choose to keep my head up so I don’t look back or down because we are choosing to put our hope in the Lord!”

The world we live in has so much negative news reports if you are not careful you’ll find it sinking in and taking hold of you. This is how the spirit of heaviness comes on you subtly consuming, trying to destroy along the path. But we must watch what we speak, hear and keep a constant check on our attitudes.

The bible tells us what to do when this spirit of heaviness comes upon us in Isaiah 61:3.  “Put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.” When you begin to hear all that negativity like you have no future, it is dark, or it’s impossible remember the word and start proclaiming it as you praise him!  “God, your word declares that I have a future and a hope (         ) that you birthed destiny inside of me (                   ). God I thank you that you declare you are the light and I can walk in you and you will direct my steps. You are in the middle of my steps… and things impossible with man are possible with God!”

Thank God for what he has done in the past—the small, medium and large size things. I find it funny that heaviness tries to remind us of our past. Out of our past can come the greatest victories and ultimately who we are today! See our God is turning around our situations, our attitude is believing again because we are proclaiming truth and the truth will set us free! Bottom line, if you do this you will experience a freshness of joy, peace and hope rising up in you. Literally I have experienced this and can on occasion feel something building inside of me! We won’t have that victim mentality but one of an overcomer.

Let’s choose to live in a season of Praise!

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