Here is today’s encouraging word from Pastor Joel Pagett:


Welcome to Got 90. What happens when life just happens? When things get so difficult, what in the world? Why do we get drawn into certain things? I call it the three D’s. Why do we get into the place where we’re making dumb decisions—the same old decisions that always haunt us, that come back in and grab hold of us, and we ask why did we make that decision? Then there’s the infamous dupe relationships. We make choices to be in relationships that are just duped from the beginning. Yes, I’ve done it too. Then there’s the one that has the most long-term effect: destructive habits. When those destructive habits hit, do they grab hold of us and compound our whole situation. But friends, I have news for you today. Human wisdom isn’t always going to be the solution. There are times when we have to come back and understand our spiritual roots. That God is capable. I’m sitting here in front of an old church. Sometimes we have to come back and grab ahold of what the foundation was within us so we can get through the stuff. Hang in there! Don’t quit! You’re a champion. You’re a winner. Don’t let those three D’s dictate your life. God bless you. For more information about Pastor Joel Pagett, visit

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