Here is today’s encouraging word from Pastor Joel Pagett:


Welcome to Got 90 and I’m Pastor Joel. One of the worst lessons I’ve ever heard was the lesson of time and patience. I never think I have enough time and you know I don’t have patience. I think things should happen just like that. I think that when we look at it, it should be happening. In fact, my poor family, when I tell them we’re leaving at 7, I think they’re ready at 6:45. Well they’re not. And even when I look at God and ask for certain things to take place. And I hear those dreaded words… time and patience. That in God’s time, wait patiently and he does the right thing. You know there’s times–I’m not a farmer, not even close to being one–but the farmer plants his seed in one season knowing over time something will happen at a harvest. I like the thought of it, but I don’t like it in my life. I want something to happen now. But for me and you, we’re stuck on the calendar of time and patience. So let’s go this week and choose to practice time and patience and learn the lesson that will propel us into greatness. Have a great day. For more information on Pastor Joel, visit

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