Here is today’s encouraging word from Pastor Joel Pagett:


Welcome to Got 90. I’m Pastor Joel. Thanks for taking the time to be with me today. I was thinking about the word “perseverance”. And I was thinking how I could articulate that or illustrate that in my mind and I came down to this one thought. When I was a kid I would always walk through streams. I’d always notice there was a pile of rocks. Then it occurred to me one day when I share it with a teacher. The teacher said those rocks used to stop the stream from moving forward. But because the stream never stopped flowing, it pushed past the stones. Today in your journey, what do you need to be resilient with? What do you need to be pushing back against or pushing through that you’re giving up on. Don’t give up. God’s put great hope in you. He’s given life to you. He’s given a reason you can celebrate. Learn to be resilient. Learn to stand true. Learn to bounce back. Life will never be fair. Life’s a gift. It’s a temporary assignment so you’ll always have battles. But you’ll always have victory.  Because victories always are there for our taking. They come in different ways, but you’ll always have a victory. Celebrate your faith today and find a way to be resilient with a bounce-back rather than living in the setback. Have a great week. For more information on Pastor Joel, visit

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