Here is today’s encouraging word from Pastor Joel Pagett:


Welcome to Got 90. I’m Pastor Joel. Thanks for taking the time to be with me this week. When I’m thinking about the purpose of Christmas, I’m thinking it’s all about celebration. You might be like me where life is just uncertain. There’s so many things going on that I can’t even control. What is the purpose of this season? Jesus Christ was born this season to show me that God loves me, that He sent His only Son just for me and for you. And when I think that God loves me, I go to another point that God is for me. And God is for you. Sometimes we build ourselves up that we’re not good enough for God because we’ve done all this stuff. But God is for you. He is the faithful one even when we’re not faithful. He’s the God of grace and mercy. And because God loves you, God is for you. The key thing for me this season, God is with me. And God is with you. So in spite of your battle this week, hang on to this truth. God loves you. God’s for you. And God’s with you. Hang onto that—it will work. Have a great week. For more information on Pastor Joel, visit

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