Time to Pock the Lock!

As a young man… One of my summer jobs was spent hanging drywall for self-storage units. Back then, I really never understood paying to store stuff for months or years and never checking on it… Often purposely, forgetting what we’ve hidden there… So what does that have to do with being married? Everything. As the close of yet another year draws to an end we often take inventory on what was good and not so good in our marriages. That could be as an individual and/or as a spouse. So for 2015 what will change? Oh but, wait a minute… We can’t move forward in 2015 until we rummage through 2014.

OK back to the storage locker… What in your marriage have you put in a storage unit? That place where you pile all the stuff in, lock it and never visit? It could be your fears, shattered dreams or anything that prevents giving your partner all of you. It could also be treasures… Things that God has gifted you with that you are hiding… It is these things that we keep from our spouses that can develop a wedge between the two of you. Stuff that we never addressed and just pushed aside… Are you willing to risk opening your storage unit with the one you said “I do” to? Each day that passes, those things that have stayed locked and hidden away, is another day that keeps a part of your true self from your spouse. Part of being married is to shoulder one another’s burdens. Do you really want to spend another year going it alone? Time to wipe the slate clean and pop the lock. Sounds scary… We often become paralyzed at the thought of sharing what is inside our locker… Afraid of what our spouse might think. I bet that’s going through your mind… So opening that storage unit involves trust. We must trust our spouse with our feelings and emotions. Take a moment and reflect on all the things you trust your spouse with… keep counting. Is it time to get the bolt cutter and pop the lock on your storage unit?

I remember when I took the risk with bringing my bride to my storage unit. Exposing a very deep fear… I operated in the fear of losing Shannon to an illness she was battling some years back. It was overwhelming for me to share my storage unit but after I did… It served to draw us closer to one another. Was I terrified? You bet I was! Was the risk worth it? No question! Each of us must sort through our storage unit… Deciding if we want our spouse to sort through all of the boxes of our life found in our storage unit.

God has given us an awesome opportunity to grow in our marriages. He handpicked each of you for the other. Let’s purpose to walk in the fullness that He has ordained in our marriages. Scripture tells us “A chord of three is not easily broken.” That is you and your beloved wrapped in the arms of our Savior. It does not get any better!!

Sure I had more in my storage unit but, my bride stood strong and sorted through all the stuff with me. Our prayer for 2015 is that it will be the best year yet, for you and for your marriage. I believe with a little work and God’s hand of blessing, it will be the best yet. So my challenge is simple… Take time to pop the lock with the one you love….God is not surprised with what is in your storage unit… He already knows. He is just waiting for you to take the first step, to invite Him in. Your spouse is waiting there too! Are you ready to pop the lock?

Pastor Scott and Shannon White

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