Well here we are… Almost a month has gone by in 2015. Time really does fly by! I am already getting the miss you letters from Gold’s Gym. They don’t miss me they miss my money! I drive by the gym and half the city must have purchased a new membership. It got me thinking…

In 2015, how many of you made some type of New Year’s resolution? Be honest! What does that list look like? Lose weight, spend more time with family, work less, the list goes on… Did you mention more prayer time or study time? Oh I have one! Working on your marriage in 2015! It seems we bring in all this external stuff in and neglect the one area that is so important, our marriages. When you look at your list of resolutions for the New Year where is your marriage on that list? So many activities we do serves to pull couples apart. I am not saying having alone time is bad. Less “me time” and more “we time” is a great start… The gym, “me time, not we time,” right? After all Paul says, “exercise profits little.” I say amen, take that Golds Gym! Sure you need to be fit but, do you have that same passion towards your marriage?

I mention the gym but, it could be other things that take you away from your spouse. I believe 2015 is the year to be resolute. What will it take to bring back that fire and passion in your marriage? Last month, I mentioned cutting the lock of the storage locker filled with stuff we have not shared with our spouse. That is the start of being resolute… Steadfast and sure… Maybe another way to say it is, it’s time to take inventory! Remove those things that do not build you up as a couple. Surround yourselves with people who speak life into your marriage. Resolve yourselves to try something new this year. The thing your spouse would like to do and vice versa. One thing I have learned in 36 plus years of marriage is… If I put my bride’s needs before my own, magic happens! I dare you to try it!!

I read the following…

“To love a person is to see all of their magic and remind them of it, when they have forgotten.”

2015 is not the year of “me” it is the year of “we.” Anyone interested in making the shift? I pray you are open… I am believing this year will be the best ever. I will repeat that over and over. Resolute not resolutions.

Marriages are under attack and it will take more effort than you can imagine… In the midst of those storms you are not alone scripture tells us, “a chord of three is not easily broken.” It is Jesus and His Holy Spirit that will walk beside you… No matter the circumstances of life. You can’t lose! He has given you victory!

Psalm 51:10 says: “Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast sprit within me.”

Pastor Scott & Shannon White

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