Here is today’s video encouraging word with Pastor Joel Pagett.


Welcome to Got 90 and I’m Pastor Joel. This week I was sitting with my granddaughter and she was telling me about one of her favorite songs, which is “Nothing Is Impossible”. Well I thought about that and I was thinking about my own journey and thinking, “What am I thinking is impossible?” And what prevents me from seeing possibilities out of the impossibilities? She sung just one little part of it and she had the actions with it. Part of the story was “blind eyes are open and strongholds are broken.” The two things that prevent us from walking into the possibilities are what we see and the things that hold us back. If you want to live in life with the concept that nothing is impossible, be very careful what you look at and your perspective. Measure it according to God’s Word. And those things that prevent you from being free, get rid of them. Because there’s hope in Jesus Christ. God bless you with a great day and thanks for taking the time to be with me. Live strong. For more information on Pastor Joel, visit our web site.

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