“Jesus, worn out by the trip, sat down at the well. It was noon. A woman, a Samaritan, came to draw water. Jesus said, ‘Would you give me a drink of water?’” (John 4:6-7 MSG)
During this past week I have been giving some thought to this question: Is there such a thing as coincidence or is it what we coin divine appointments? You know exactly what I mean just out of the blue you happen to be at the right place, right time and someone comes along maybe known or unknown and your world has been marked by this appointment! Recently, I can say I have had many of these moments and boy have I been encouraged! 
Ask yourself this question does God care about my journey? In Kingdom thinking, yes. There simply cannot be random events but divine appointments. Random doesn’t happen in God’s Kingdom. I choose to believe God is the great orchestrator, creating circumstances to bring about moments in our lives of divine importance, leading us to divine appointments. I choose to believe God knows exactly what I am experiencing and when I choose to follow Him I have a sense of his leading and direction and things happen. For me personally over the last 2 weeks some people have walked back into my life unexpectedly and encouraged me. This left me saying, BUT God!! Then as well, some people I had never met crossed my path it has changed my faith and hope level! 
With this in mind let me ask you was it a coincidence that Jesus came upon the woman at the well? Was she just a random woman who walked into a discussion of a man filled with grace and life changing power and then went told a whole village about this forgiveness? Would God have left that all to chance?
Question do you believe He would he do any less in your life?
The Bible says God actively works within our circumstances. And so we cannot judge our situation apart from God’s wisdom. In other words, we must leave it up to God to interpret our circumstances and the outcome. Only he is capable of understanding all the facts, and only he sees the significance of every detail and provides those moments where you step back and you just know it was God!!!
I want you to know God is active in your current circumstances! I can’t wait for what happens next. I am believing so BIG because it is up to Him and he has the right people at the right time coming my way! And yes thank you for putting the right people in my life right now! Blessed is what we are!!!

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