These past three months have been cause for great reflection. I will on the odd occasion the read the wedding vows Shannon and I took when we married. There are some cool promises and challenges in them. There is one portion that came to light three months ago.

It was the Sunday before Halloween. Shannon got up out of bed and fell to the floor. In a blink of an eye our world changed. It was the beginning of what would be three strokes. We weathered that first episode only to have more play out. A few days later I got a call to meet at the ER, Shannon’s having another stroke. I head to the hospital to meet my bride. Well she is in 1999. She is admitted to the hospital thus begins a whole new journey. I still remember our family doctor calling me to meet him in the hallway outside of my bride’s room. He tells me in the most serious voice,” I am extremely concerned about Shannon. The next 24 to 48 hours are critical.” Well my entire world was turned upside down. What ran through my mind was our vows, “In sickness and in health.” Really God now you bring our vows to life. At that point I realize the depth of love I have for my bride. Even more I began to understand the depth and breadth of love our Savior has for me. Yes in a blink of an eye our world changed, what did not change is the love God has for us. God loved me through times I was spiritual sick and never turned His back on me. So how much more am I called to love my bride during her season of sickness?

In our marriages we often take each other for granted. We get busy with kids, perhaps our careers or even friends and family. You see friend’s scripture reminds us “we are not promised tomorrow.” WOW if we knew ahead of time what would unfold in our marriages what would change? I know in my world what I thought was so important, matters little! I was simply praying my bride would make it through the night. It is Gods unconditional love that I want to model to my bride. We did not ask for this lesson but I know He promised that He would never forsake us. That’s a promise. I hold tight to that promise in the quietness of this season.

The book is yet to be finished. Chapters are still to be written. But my God is bigger than any health issue. I believe my brides greatest days are still to come. May we take the time to invest in our marriages, may we love a little deeper, hope a little more and hold your partner a little tighter.

I challenge each of you to live today as if it we’re your last. Think about that… How much more passion for your marriage would you have? Remember those vows… “to have and to hold.”

I am thankful 1999 has come and gone. God is doing a wonderful work in my bride. He is doing a greater work in me. He is showing me how to love my bride unconditionally. For that, I am thankful. In a blink of an eye He can make all thinks new…

I have shared our journey with the hope that each of you would draw nearer to each other as our Heavenly Father draws nearer to us.

Pastor Scott & Shannon White

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