My God, That Is Who You Are


Sunday - 10AM Worship Service

July 12, 2020

9:55 AM

11255 Central Ave. Ontario, CA 91762

You must register on Eventbrite to attend the service in person, we are limited to the number of seats available to adhere to the current State, County and City guidelines. Please click on the link below to register or copy and paste the link into your web browser.

We have five ticket selections. Make sure you select the type of ticket that best fits your family’s needs: Individual Ticket (seats 1 or can be used to add 1 more person to your group, for example If you have a Family of 3 you would order (1) couples pack and (1) Individual Ticket to reserve 3 seats. ). Couples -pack (seats 2), Family 4-pack (seats 4), Family 6-pack (seats 6), and Family 8-pack (seats 8). Please combine the correct ticket packages to accommodate the exact number in your family, our goal is to not have any empty seats so that everyone that wants to return, can.

AS A REMINDER: Check your email. Once you register, Eventbrite will email tickets as a PDF. If you have any difficulty registering or need specific accommodations, please email us We will respond promptly to you.