Foundation Groups

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

We are so proud of you for considering to be part of a Foundation Group during our “Rebuilding Your Foundation Series”. As your leaders, we know that one of the keys to our spiritual growth is intentionally building your spiritual relationship with God by being in relationships with those around you.
As a church we are going to be challenged to take some big steps of faith over the next year. We will be challenged to stand on our faith, share our faith and continue to grow our faith.
This Foundation Group study is an important part of that journey. We have prepared a short teaching lesson for each class, which will be the launching point for your Foundation Group discussions.
When we think about the steps of faith that we have had to take and learn from, we recognized that our learning has come from the most difficult of times and yet also the victorious times. The fact is that these moments have truly shaped and assisted in establishing our foundation and we will be talking about learning the steps and the words that empowered us daily that can be utilized in your journey. We cannot help but get excited, God is going to stretch and grow us all as we become spiritually who we have hoped to become. We fully expect the results to be significant in our lives and as a church we will become fully invested, committed, and led by God’s purpose. We believe this will be the most powerful force for change in our world.
We are praying, along with our prayer team, that you would rely on and trust God more during this time than you ever have before and that you would choose to participate in one of our foundation group opportunities. We love you and cannot wait to hear the results of your commitments and growth experiences.
Whether you choose to be part of an existing group or you would like to host your own family group get ready for a great adventure.
Your Foundation Group Leadership Team

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