Why does Reliance Community do “church” so much differently? Every other church around town seems to do it more traditionally. Is that wrong?

  • Absolutely nothing is wrong with traditional churches. Everyone needs to feel comfortable in the place they worship, as well as places that will give them a strong foundation in faith. It’s sad reality, but the current generation and state of our society has for the most part abandoned the traditional church and what it is trying to do. As we look at this, we have to figure out how to communicate those same truths so they speak to us in a language we understand. That’s our goal.

In an attempt to be funny and relevant in your services and series you do at Reliance Community, do you ever water-down the Bible?

  • No, God and His Word (the Bible) is the end all be all here at Reliance Community. It’s just that so many people in our generation can’t seem to understand the Bible. (since all they know is the King James version they took from a hotel). We never ignore truth because we want people to like us, but we will package within the language of the current culture. That’s why we have fun videos, the opening song that connects to the series, why we interview our kids during service, and break for fellowship…all that is to allow the message to speak to the hearts of this generation.

What’s the big deal concerning “Home Groups”? What’s so important about them anyway?

  • We consider Home Groups (small groups) important because we believe that’s where your life is going to change the most. That’s where you are going to grow. When you can get together regularly with the same group of people where you are known, loved, celebrated, and served, that’s when you are really experiencing church the way God intended it. You will miss out on a connection with others if you choose to skip out on this big part of what Reliance Community church is all about. Find out more…

What denomination are you?

  • We’re not part of any. And we’re not only Christians, we’re just a body of people committed to being the church as described in the Bible. If you want to know what we believe, check out our “Beliefs” page.
  • If you have any additional questions, please use our contact form or call 909.294.6324.

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