A Message From Pastor Joel


Sunday - 10AM Worship Service

Sep. 28, 2020



Online or in person

October 4th @ 10 am

No registration required

Please see our website www.reliancecommunity.church for the plan to open


Opening Our Doors

We are excited to continue moving forward as we welcome families, individuals and basically anyone wanting an in-person family service experience filled with hope, peace, truth, and power. We will gather Sunday, October 4th at 10 am and yet still provide the online Facebook Live and Livestream experience.




Facemasks Optional

We would ask that whether or not you choose to wear a face mask, respecting others is essential, and distancing is important. We are trusting that individuals will make the decision which is best for them and for others.

Keep Sickness at Home 

We would also ask that if you have experienced ANY signs of sickness over the past 2 weeks, that you stay home until you are well in order to protect everyone within the church from any possible exposure. This includes keeping children home who are displaying any symptoms. For the time being, please refrain from physical contact with those outside your family unit (i.e. handshaking, hugging etc.)

People That Are Sensitive to Gatherings                      

This is not a right or wrong decision but one you need to make for yourself.  If you are in a category of being older or immune compromised, you may continue to stay home and join us online as we will be broadcasting our service on social media at 10 am.  This way you are still able to enjoy the same quality worship experience

Safety Measures 

The safety of our church members is of the utmost importance. To that end, your temperature will be taken upon entering the facility and hand sanitizing stations have been placed throughout the building. Every area will be cleaned, sanitized and prepared before you enter.

Regarding Tickets

We will no longer require reservations or tickets for attending our service.