Communications Team

Communications Ministry is really centralizing the media, means and methods of communication, just like we have one team for “Guest Services” and one team to do “Production”. It’s the steward of the church’s information and message. It is really a servant ministry because rather than initiate programs or events, we serve the other ministries of the church to make their programs and events more successful.

The Communications Marketing Ministry is specifically defined to ensure that members are kept informed and the church is properly represented to the public. Following are some major areas that encompass this ministry.

Public Relations

We are responsible for building, monitoring, and protecting the image of the church and its name within our community.

News and Information

It’s our responsibility to keep church members informed about upcoming activities and equally important to share church news with the local community and the public at-large.

Advertising and Promotion

One of your most important responsibilities is to strategically promote all church programs to attract attendance.

Current Serving Opportunities

“Connection Center” Host – The Connection Center serves as a physical welcome station and information center for all the public gatherings at Reliance Community Church. They assist by staying current on opportunities, environments and next steps. The team also helps register people for events and assists with questions from our guests. It’s the one-stop shopping for all the questions a guest may have, making this a high impact ministry that is always looking to add to the team.

Bulletin Team Member – Volunteers are needed to stuff and assemble bulletins for Sunday services. Team members may also be required to setup other print materials at each guest table prior to services.

Graphic Design – Whether we’re talking about graphic design for brochures, billboards or presentation folders, you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of your readers. The responsibilities of the graphic design team include all areas of communications and correspondence including:

Brochures, Calendars, Flyers, etc.
Signs, Posters, Logos, etc.

Website – Our website is the medium for dissemination of the Word of God. Additionally, all information regarding calendar events, our vision and ministries can be found here.


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