An Exciting Way to Connect With People From Reliance Community Church In A Relaxed, Casual Atmosphere!

Building relationships with others is part of our mission at Reliance Community Church. We provide regular opportunities to build those relationships through our monthly all-church lunch, parties for Super Bowl and Christmas, and summer barbecues.

These are fun social gatherings that give us an opportunity to enjoy great food, get to know different people within the congregation and have fun with old friends.

We want people to experience, as followers of Christ, Christ-centered relationships. Maybe this is obvious to you as a person raised in the church. For many people – for those who have never experienced a Christian friendship – this is revolutionary way of living life.

Think about the relationships in your life; they’re all based on something.

Your relationships are centered on work or family or school. Every relationship has a starting point. We’re talking about bringing people together for a Christ-centered relationship centered on social get-togethers.

We have a common-bond, a common interest, a common connection around the person of Jesus Christ. We want to build up Christ-centered relationships for those in our families and those in our fellowship. Christ-centered relationships don’t stand-alone; we want to join them in life-changing communities.

A changed life is a product of grace, time, and truth. Those three factors snapped together build life-change.

So, why don’t you join us! Check in at the Connection Center on Sundays to see what’s coming up soon.

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