WE Value Relationships

  • God created us to have a relationship with him that is personal and authentic.
  • He wants us to know him more and more as we spend time with him, and learn how his plan is playing out in our lives.
  • We provide opportunities to get to know and share life with others. We believe with a strong community of friends, you can laugh, grow, and serve with people who genuinely care about you.

WE Value Personal Growth

  • Wherever you are in life, you matter and you have a purpose. We want to help you become the person God has created you to be. Your journey has a next step and that is to learn the Bible and how it applies in your life.

WE Value Healing

  • We all come from different places in life and have experiences that have caused us to be broken. We then live life from a perspective of brokenness. We started here but based on God’s Word we don’t need to stay broken forever. We believe the best days of our life are ahead of us.

WE Value Serving

  • God creates each of us to join him in the work he does, the good work he has gotten ready for us to do.
  • We believe the various service opportunities we have in our family, church, community and world help share the hope and life that all can have through Jesus.

WE Value Creativity

  • We recognize the diversity of gifts, talents and personality in every person. The contribution that we all bring celebrates our new life in Christ and enlightens the message of hope.

WE Value Generations

  • All ages from babies to seniors matter and are included in our worship, personal growth and fellowship opportunities.