Reliance Community’s Worship Arts Ministry is made up of talented and genuine people, passionate about connecting people with Jesus Christ and seeing God glorified in every form of art.

Worship extends into everything we do. From video production to lighting, to setting up and tearing down we believe that worship goes far beyond singing songs. Whether it is creative writing, editing video, designing graphics, or playing the drums…all is to honor Jesus. And we give Him our best.

The music during our worship services is one of our greatest strengths. Our aim is to stir up hope in the heart of our community, and inspired music is one way we accomplish that endeavor.

Our Praise and Worship Team is comprised of singers, musicians, and worship leaders dedicated to producing an excellent sound that is diverse and multi-generational, one that ushers people into the Presence of God!

Working diligently behind the scenes of our events and services are groups of amazing individuals that support Reliance Community Church with cutting-edge IT, graphics, social media, light and sound, marketing, copywriting, video and music production, and more.

If you are interested in any aspect of our Worship Arts Ministry, feel free to contact us and jump into the creative fun.

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